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Logistics & Distribution

Three times a week we have shipments arriving in Maldives, guaranteeing jet-fresh produce which allows you to take full advantage of the maximum product life and keep your own customers satisfied with first-class produce distributed directly to your point of delivery using our own fleet.





Our parents Company Aqua biotech is a private limited company registered under the government of the Republic Maldives, with a vision to launch the use of aqua culture technologies in a commercial scale in various countries. The company achieved its initial target after conducting a research in the field of culturing sea cucumbers in a controlled environment. This research after implementation turned out to be quite successful. Now the company cultivates export the commodity on a large – commercial scale.


The Aqua biotech takes pride in being successful pioneers in the field of utilizing biotechnologies, that is cultivation and harvesting of sea cucumbers in the Maldives . Different spices of sea cucumbers are cultivated in our research centre to the likings of different individuals from different countries. Our main aim is to cultivate high priced sea cucumbers. So far the sea cucumbers we have cultivated are in great Demand, we get clients from neighboring countries, which is what motivated us to commercialize the product.



The Company was formed in the year 2000 as a commercial venture. It is entirely a family owned and managed business that is in order to research, develop, and sustain of technology. Our family has been involved in various aspects of the fishing and seafood catching and production in the past years. The company has been involved in it’s own marketing for the past years and is looking to advance into the international markets. We believe that we have the product to suit your needs.


Our head staff comprises both highly qualified Seafood experts and skilled staff, who are committed to the accurate and reliable transport, capable staffs that are efficient and effective in handling and delivery of the product. Special attention is given to ensure that the produce is in top condition upon arrival at the final destination.

Fresh Produce Retail

Essen Cold Storage

In addition Essen EnterprisesĀ  Supply fresh and frozen products and other dry goods to the super markets, hotels and resorts to order.

Operating from offices and modern dry & cold storage warehousing in Maleā€™, the company has established strong relationships with the various sectors. We also offer logistics services to the hotel and resort sector for a range of other products supplied from companies in Europe, Australia, India , China, Singapore and Malaysia, Thailand.